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Behind the Design - Visionary Tee

It all started with a vision, pun intended.

For our first graphic tee, I wanted to create a product that inspired, empowered and affirmed you, with a bold graphic bound to make a statement.

Our clothes are a reflection of ourselves and often speak before we do. With ‘Visionary’ printed proudly across the chest, in Chrome, this tee sends the message loud and clear to onlookers that you have a powerful plan for a successful future.

This pure and undyed natural tshirt provided the perfect canvas for this print. Its neutral colour and 100% organic cotton makeup is specifically designed to be kind to your skin (and the planet), making it the most soft and comfortable tee to wear whilst out fulfilling your potential.

The graphic itself shows a hand breaking through a glass ceiling; The glass ceiling being a metaphor for an invisible barrier attempting to stop you from making progress. The hand breaking through the glass ceiling symbolises you overcoming.

The road to success isn’t easy but remember ‘Without vision the people perish’. So, continue striving to make your vision a reality and try not to compare your journey to anyone else's.

We’re rooting for you!

With love,

Jada, Founder of BYBC Apparel

(Now available in Navy Blue, because black people are the Blueprint x)

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