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Our Story

BYBC Apparel is a pro-black clothing brand, based in London, England. BYBC is an acronym that stands for Black, Young, Beautiful, Clever.
Our mission is to infuse the black community with a new-found pride in themselves, encouraging young black people to be proud of their heritage and to fulfil their potential. Our rose emblem encapsulates this and reflects the beauty evident in our culture.
We pride ourselves on being a purpose-driven brand, dedicated to diligently empowering our community. This is why each of our designs tells its own story and has a carefully crafted message behind it.
Since our inception in 2014, BYBC Apparel has endeavoured to uplift the black community, through fashion. Our founder, Jada, started the brand as a student, with more passion than experience. The first launch didn’t go as planned but she used this as an opportunity to innovate and elevate the brand, honing her craft and refining the brand’s mission.
Following our hiatus, BYBC Apparel re-launched in March of 2019, with a debut collection, featuring bold statement tees carrying slogans such as ‘More Love, More Life, More Power’. Since then, BYBC continues its quest to give our customers premium pro-black clothing with meaning.


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